Dais Analytic Accelerating NanoClear Water Treatment Shipments

Dais Analytic Corporation (OTCQB:DLYT) announced the shipping of its seventh system order of its NanoClear™ product since the beginning of 2017.

As quoted in the press release:

These initial units are being shipped worldwide to companies evaluating NanoClear’s ability to purify contaminated water having high salt content, low pH, or where the need for extremely low Total Dissolved Solid “TDS” in the treated water is mandatory.

“In addition to the NanoClear units shipped by Dais,” said Tim Tangredi, Chief Executive Officer at Dais, “Dais is bidding on substantially scaled up international projects where the Dais team believes the NanoClear technology is the best solution to a client’s need. The initial units we supplied are largely for testing and evaluation, and distributor marketing uses, and each generated about $12,000 in revenue. The projects that we are being invited to bid on now are full scale, and should generate substantially higher revenue.”

Mr. Tangredi continued, “In addition to the companies that have purchased our NanoClear units, we are actively discussing licensing and joint venture opportunities with global corporations interested in selling NanoClear worldwide.”

Click here for the full press release. 

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