FanDom Sports CEO Henri Holm

FanDom Sports CEO Henri Holm introduces the company to the Investing News audience and discusses the company’s growth strategy for the year ahead.


FanDom Sports Media (CSE:FDM; OTCQB:FDMSF) is a sports entertainment and gaming company whose primary product, the FanDom Sports App, allows users from around the world to commiserate or celebrate with like-minded fans; test their sports trivia knowledge; and debate those with opposing views. FanDom Sports CEO Henri Holm is a Harvard Business School Alumni and former Senior Vice President at Rovio Entertainment, known for its highly successful Angry Birds franchise.

The FanDom Sports app, officially launched in the iOS Apple Store in July 2017, is now available for public download around the world.

Below is a transcript of the interview with FanDom Sports CEO Henri Holm. It has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Investing News Network: Please give our investor audience some background on FanDom Sports and the value your company brings to its shareholders.

FanDom Sports CEO Henri Holm: FanDom Sports Media is the brand and fan-centric company behind the FanDom Sports app, which hosts user generated content and facilitates competitive conversations with resolution. The aftermath and opinions are at times even more interesting to sports fans to debate than the game itself. The sports community is engaged, loud and opinionated. FanDom is their social platform. We give sports fans voice to reach out and debate about their favorite sports, in a fun and engaging way.

We’re focused on building a fan-centric sports media marketing channel. The platform we have created is a unique and authentic channel for advertisers, brands and promotions to co-exist among the user generated content. We also blend curated content with user-generated content. We provide interactive features and off-the-field content that all sports fans – from hard-core sports fanatics, part-time gamers and sports lifestyle enthusiasts— love to engage in on a daily basis.

Both online and at live sponsored events, professional athletes and commentators can engage and debate with users via the FanDom Sports app. Bloggers, pundits and athletes are also invited to syndicate content through FanDom for a share of sponsorship and ad revenue.

For advertisers to stay relevant today, they need to be integrated with a brand story. Having only a crude banner advertisement on top doesn’t work anymore. It doesn’t engage a younger audience that is more story driven. Once a brand participates on the platform, they get a chance to build their own stories; and we can give them our analytics and backend access to help them target the consumer types that they want to address.

We have put together a global, hand-picked team of managers and directors who are seasoned capital market experts and accredited technical experts with a track record of wins in app and game development. Founder and Director Blair Naughty has won numerous business magazine accolades, and has raised over $100 million to date through Naughty Capital Ltd. Our technology specialists who have built these types of apps before, launched and scaled them with great success. As well, we have a content curation and creation team who are veterans from the sports, media and music industries. We have high profile investors from within the sports industry, which gives us true insight into the fan engagement experience from both the sports team and athlete’s perspective.

INN: What is your growth strategy and long term goals for the company?

HH: FanDom Sports Media aims to be one of the most valuable sports companies that owns no teams, no player contracts or even broadcast rights. This is the purest platform where fans settle the score. Currently, we are targeting six major sports, but we plan to expand our offerings as demand allows.

One of our primary goals is to cover all major smartphone operating systems by the end of 2017. Our technology implementation path started with the initial iOS focused rollout, then to cover Android after that phase, very similarly to the SNAP Inc. app rollout that has proven to be a successful method. Organic fan-centric growth is the key to define our target audience. Our current target audience is “sport super-fans” with strong opinions, falling within the age demographics of 18 – 35 years old. The six sports we cover from day-one address over 100 million potential users. Once the app is accessible across all major platforms, we aim for a rapid SnapChat-like growth curve, from launch to critical mass.

Paid advertising will be introduced once the monetization model is tested and proven. A platform for engagement with other super-fans, athletes, and taste-makers is an essential place for advertisers and brand promotions.

North America’s sports market is projected to surpass $75 billion by 2020. Most of the revenue gains are expected to come from the growing value of media rights and sponsorship. FanDom Sports is looking to capture some of this revenue stream through a multi-pronged revenue generation strategy selling ad space on the app, with banners and buttons, video ads and sponsorships.

INN: What upcoming catalysts will potentially increase shareholder value?

HH: The FanDom Sports app was soft launched at the Apple Store on July 11th , as our exclusive event took place in Los Angeles, California on that date. The full product launch is scheduled for mid-September. This launch will pave the way for the Android version’s development and market release, which will give us access to 100-percent of the smartphone market.


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