The Australian Patent Office Confers “Graphite Ore-to-Graphene Production Process” Patent Rights


OTTAWA – Grafoid Inc., a world leading graphene research, application development and investment company, is pleased to announce the Australian patent office, IP Australia, has ruled on the validity of a process that converts raw graphite ore to graphene.

This is the second time a national government has ruled on the validity of the patent application.  The first was the U.S. government. It granted Patent 9221867 to the inventors on December 29, 2015.

The inventors of the process are: Dr. Gordon Chiu, a Founding Partner, President and Chief Operating Officer of Grafoid Inc., and; Drs. Loh Kian Ping and Junzhong Wang of the National University of Singapore (NUS).

The National University of Singapore, as the assignee of the patent, has granted exclusive license to Graphite Zero Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based company, for the worldwide production rights for graphene products and derivatives produced under the Mesograf™ trademark name.

Grafoid Inc. holds a majority ownership in Graphite Zero Pte. Ltd.

In turn, Graphite Zero has negotiated with Grafoid the global marketing and sales agency rights where Grafoid acts as the exclusive agent for Mesograf™-based products.

Graphite Zero produces Mesograf™ at production facilities in Singapore and at Grafoid’s Global Technology Centre (GGTC) in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Mesograf™ products are derived from the one-step patented process for forming expanded hexagonal layered minerals and derivatives using electrochemical charging.

The process produces application friendly, minimal-defect, high-energy density few layer graphene, utilizing a safe, non-destructive extraction process, leaving the lowest possible ecological footprint.  This unique, patented process results in what is regarded as a new global standard for economically scalable, high-purity graphene products that can be tailored to both industrial and commercial applications.

The raw graphite ore-to-graphene process and the resulting derivative graphene products form the backbone of the world’s first patent-recognized process in the drive toward affordable, mass commercialization of graphene applications.

Grafoid and its joint venture partners around the world are incorporating Mesograf™ products in a variety of applications including next generation energy creation and storage, coatings and composites.

The ruling negates claims and challenges by an Australian graphite mining company to be the inventor of the world’s first industrial-scale graphene production directly from raw graphite ore using electrochemical charging.

IP Australia’s final decision came after the process inventors provided irrefutable evidence of their intellectual property creation.

“The ruling stands as a precedent-setting victory that our invention can be protected in any jurisdiction,” said Dr. Chiu. “The grant of patent is a clear indication that no other claims can even come close to our discovery.”

Commenting on the patent grant, Gary Economo, CEO of Grafoid and Graphite Zero, said: “As we move forward with our global corporate development plans we intend to vigorously defend our market position.”

A patent application was filed by the process inventors with IP Australia on November 22, 2012. The patent final ruling came on August 21, 2016.

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