Saint Jean Carbon Announces Graphene Battery Preliminary Results

Saint Jean Carbon (TSXV:SJL,OTCQB:TORVF) announced that it has set the preliminary numbers for the graphene battery project announced on January 18th, 2017. The preliminary performance markers will be used to judge performance for and against the three prototype graphene batteries in production.

As quoted in the press release:

It has been proposed that lithium ions can be adsorbed on both sides of the graphene sheets which are arranged like a ‘‘house of cards’’ in hard carbons, leading to two layers of lithium for each graphene sheet, with a theoretical capacity of 744 mAhg-1 through the formation of Li2C6. Recently, large reversible Li storage (540 mAhg-1 in the first cycle) in graphene Nano-sheets has been reported.

Paul Ogilvie, CEO, commented: “As the world of engineering, studies and works to perfect the lithium-ion battery, new and wonderful materials like graphene will get their shot at making a game changing contribution. With the final lab prototype batteries, our goal is to achieve; the fastest recharge, highest density and greatest capacity within a very small size. If we achieve this, we will have set a new high watermark for performance.”

The Company hopes to have the final batteries results ready within three weeks. The Company is continuing with the recycled battery project. Further, the final spherical carbon coated graphite specifications and performance results are expected very shortly.

Click here for the full press release. 

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