MGX Minerals Announces Acquisition of 20 Patents for Zinc Air Fuel Cell Battery

MGX Minerals

MGX Minerals Inc. (”MGX” or the ”Company”)(CSE:XMG) is pleased to announce as a result of the recently closed acquisition of now wholly-owned subsidiary ZincNyx Energy Solutions, Inc. (“ZincNyx”), the Company now controls 20 metal air battery and fuel cell patents. To date, ZincNyx has been awarded 20 patents covering its mass storage technology. A list of existing published patents are as follows:

Table 1. Existing ZincNyx Patents

Item Identification
Discrete Particle Electrolyzer Cathode and Method of Making Same US 7,470,351
Methods and Devices for Controlling Flow and Particle Fluidization in a Fuel Cell US 7,276,309
Method of Production of Metal Particles Through Electrolysis US 7,273,537
Controlled Concentration Electrolysis System US 7,166,203
Fuel Cell System US 6,911,274
Method of and System for Determining the Remaining Energy in a Metal Fuel Cell US 6,873,157
Method of and System for Cooling a Backup Power System US 6,841,276
Electrolyte-Particulate Fuel Cell Anode US 6,787,260
Methods of Using Fuel Cell System Configured to One or More Loads US 6,764,785
Method and System for Flushing One or More Cells in a Particle-Based Electrochemical Power Source in Standby Mode US 6,764,588
Power System Including Heat Removal Unit for Providing Backup Power to One or More Loads US 6,746,790
Refuelable Electrochemical Power Source Capable of Being Maintained in a Substantially Constant Full Condition and Method of Using the Same US 6,706,433
Methods of Producing Oxygen Reduction Catalyst US 6,689,711
Manifold for Fuel Cell System US 6,679,280
System and Method for Power Management US 6,522,955
Method of Electrodepositing Metal on Electrically Conducting Particles US 6,432,292
Refuelable Electrochemical Power Source Capable of Being Maintained in a Substantially Constant Full Condition and Method of Using the Same US 6,296,958
Particle Feeding Apparatus for Electrochemical Power Source and Method of Making Same US 6,162,555
System and Method for Preventing the Formation of Dendrites in a Metal/Air Fuel Cell, Battery or Metal Recovery Apparatus US 6,153,328
Method and Apparatus for Refueling an Electrochemical Power Source US 5,952,117

Figure 1. Typical 5kw Modular System

Overview of Technology

ZincNyx has developed a patented regenerative zinc-air flow battery that efficiently stores energy in the form of zinc particles and contains none of the traditional high-cost battery commodities such as lithium, vanadium, or cobalt. The technology allows for low-cost mass storage of energy and can be deployed into a wide range of applications.

Unlike conventional batteries, which have a fixed energy/power ratio, ZincNyx’s technology uses a fuel tank system that offers flexible energy/power ratios and scalability. The storage capacity is directly tied to the size of the fuel tank and the quantity of recharged zinc fuel, making scalability a major advantage of the flow battery system. In addition, a further major advantage of the zinc-air flow battery is the ability to charge and discharge simultaneously and at different maximum charge or discharge rates since each of the charge and discharge circuits is separate and independent. Other types of standard and flow batteries are limited to a maximum charge and discharge by the total number of cells as there is no separation of the charge and discharge components.

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