Serinus Energy Provides Update for Romania Project

- June 20th, 2018

Serinus is an international oil and gas exploration and production company that owns and operates projects in Tunisia and Romania.

Serinus Energy (LSE:SENX,WSE:SEN), released an update on its operations in Romania. The successful completion of the company’s drill programme was one of the highlights. Moving forward Serinus will now spend approximately two weeks testing the results.

Serinus is an international oil and gas exploration and production company that owns and operates projects in Tunisia and Romania.

As quoted from the press release:

The drilling of the Moftinu – 1007 well has concluded, achieving a total planned depth of 1,463 meters. The well was drilled according to schedule and approximately 20 percent below budget. The drilling rig has been released and a snubbing unit has been mobilized to perform the well completion operations, which have commenced. Log analysis undertaken during the drilling operations have identified three gas-bearing Pliocene zones. The A3 sand formation was intersected from 736m to 738m, the A2 from 809m to 813m, and the A1 from 883m to 898m. These are the same sand zones as were perforated and tested in the Moftinu – 1001 well and these zones will be perforated and tested during the current completion and testing operations on the Moftinu – 1007 well.

It is expected that the completion and testing operations will last approximately two weeks. The company has allowed additional testing time to allow sufficient pressure build-up of the producing zones. The flowline to move gas from the Moftinu-1007 site to the Moftinu gas plant is under construction.

The construction of the Moftinu gas plant is proceeding. The fiscal metering skid installation has reached the final stage and the company has engaged the operatorship transfer process of the sales gas line to Transgaz and for Transgaz to proceed with the hot tap connection of the sales gas line to the Transgaz national gas transmission line. The company expects to begin the pre-commissioning and commissioning of the gas plant with first gas from Moftinu-1000, in late June. Gas from Moftinu – 1007 will be added to the commissioning process in mid-July. Initially the gas plant commissioning will begin without the Low Temperature Separation unit and the triethylene glycol unit which are in final assembly and are expected to be on site by the end of August 2018. The company was recently notified by our EPCC contractor Confind S.A. that the delivery of these units will be delayed due procurement delays as reported to confind by the subcontractor building the units. Once these units are on site they will be connected to the operating gas plant, commissioned, and brought online.

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