Montezuma Mining: Test Work Exceeds Expectations

Montezuma Mining Company Ltd (“Montezuma” or “Company”) (ASX:MZM) is pleased to announce that the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (“CSIRO”) Process Science and Technology Group has successfully completed Stage I of the research and development studies into the production of high purity manganese products from ores sourced from the Company’s 100% owned, infrastructure endowed Butcherbird Project in Western Australia. Results exceeded expectations.

As quoted in the press release:

CSIRO has completed Stage I (leach optimisation stage) of hydrometallurgical processing studies to produce high value battery materials from the Butcherbird Manganese Deposit (100% MZM).

Final leaching results produce a Pregnant Leach Solution (“PLS”) with >91% purity and >95% Mn extraction in a rapid single stage leach under benign conditions;

• atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature.

• leaching rates unaffected by grind size up to 1mm. Coarser particle size tests pending.

• leach kinetics are very rapid with optimal residence times between thirty and sixty minutes.

• reaction is exothermic, producing heat energy for use in purification processing stage – no additional energy required.

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