American Manganese Inc. Clarifies Type of Battery Used by Boeing 787 Dreamliner

 American Manganese Inc. (TSXV:AMY,FWB:2AM) announced that the battery chemistry utilized by the Boeing 787 Dreamliner was Lithium Cobalt Dioxide (LiCoO2) and the Company’s product would be Lithium Manganese Dioxide (LiMn2O4). Both of the chemistry in these batteries can be categorized under “Lithium Ion Batteries”.

As quoted in the press release:

The battery chemistry utilized by the Dreamliner was Lithium Cobalt Dioxide (LiCoO2); similar to that used in laptop computers and cell phones. American Manganese Inc.’s (“AMY”) product would be Lithium Manganese Dioxide (LiMn2O4), or spinel, similar to rechargeable batteries used in the Chevy Volt. Both of these battery chemistries come under the generic heading “lithium Ion Batteries”.

Kemetco Research Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer, Norm Chow said:

While researchers have made significant advances in materials used to improve performance of the lithium ion batteries, often overlooked are the importance of mining processes to produce raw materials which are later refined to battery grade materials. A critical issue is that conventional mining processes introduce metallic impurities in raw materials. These metallic impurities are known to cause internal short circuits resulting in thermal run-away, which by-passes protection circuits implemented for safety. This unfortunately leads to explosions and fires in some cases. The tolerances for these impurities are so low that there are no known methods to reliably test their presence. In 2012, American Manganese was the only mining company that presented at the Battery 2012 conference in Denver, Colorado and is currently one of the leaders developing mining technology for improved raw materials for lithium ion batteries. American Manganese has made significant progress in advancing their hydrometallurgical process to make these critical raw materials by avoiding steps that are known to introduce metallic impurities. Prototype batteries have been produced and R&D will be advancing to the next stage.

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