Zenyatta Featured in the Financial Post

 Zenyatta Ventures (TSXV:ZEN) and its unique Albany hydrothermal graphite deposit were featured in the Financial Post.

As quoted in the article:

The genesis of the Albany graphite is critical as it accounts for its high purity and its other characteristics. Its igneous origins mean that the graphite was formed very hot with very few impurities and those impurities that remain are relatively straightforward to remove. Zenyatta has spent some time looking at another characteristic of its graphite: the crystal structure. Eveleigh told us that the Albany graphite has “phenomenal crystals, small, hexagonal with very defined edges. Two universities have looked at the crystallinity using x-ray diffraction to confirm the crystal structure.” A high degree of crystallinity results in various positive qualities that graphite is known for such as electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, compressibility, dimension stability, bending strength and lubricity. SEM photos show highly crystalline graphite with no contaminants and a very high aspect ratio (length verses thickness).

Zenyatta Ventures CEO, Aubrey Eveleigh, said:

This is one of a kind graphite; Very pure, very high quality. It’s ready for the green tech application testing and there should be great demand for it. The Company will target high quality-high value graphite powder market for the cleantech sector.

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