Next Graphite Releases Preliminary Results from Aukam Graphite Project, Namibia

Next Graphite Inc. (OTCQB:GPNE) has announced preliminary results from the independent commissioned geological interpretation of its Aukam graphite project. Next Graphite engaged E12, a leading mining and geology consultancy, to conduct the study.

Highlights from the study are as follows:

  • There are nine major vein lodes on the site, all which have characteristics of being well-mineralized.
  • Initial exploration, sampling, and testing on five vein lodes provided preliminary information on grade, flake size, distribution and flotation characteristics of the ore blend.
  • An average sample graded 49.2% high-grade graphite content.
  • An 80% average recovery was achieved with limited liberation of the ore in flotation tests.
  • There are three major tailing heaps on the property and it is estimated that they contain about 180,000 tons of graphite-bearing rock.
  • All three tailings have visible graphitic content.
  • The graphite mineralization consists of lump, crystalline medium to large flake graphite.
  • Judging from the flake size distribution, the graphite could be suitable for use in refractories, crucibles, fuel cells, automotive brake pads, foundry coatings, and silicone carbides.
  • There are also historical mineral-producing tin and fluorite mines on the property, and there is other mineral potential on the site, including copper.

Next Graphite CEO Cliff Bream said:

We are pleased with the findings of E12, and we are eager for more results and further graphite grade and purity testing. The upcoming Phase II of our commissioned property study will be used to better understand the graphite mineralization that occurs on site, and establish a pre-economic plan. We intend to keep our shareholders and followers of GPNE up to day every step of the way.

Click here to read the Next Graphite Inc. (OTCQB:GPNE) press release.

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