Next Graphite Receives Approval for Graphite Mining Exploration at Public Hearing

Next Graphite, Inc. (OTCQB:GPNE) announced that it has received no objection from an affected and interested parties public consultation held on July 24 in Namibia. Next Graphite will move to development and exploration at its Aukam project following final approval from an environmental commissioner.

As quoted in the press release:

The public consultation was hosted by officials of the Ministry of Environment in the Karas region where Next Graphite’s Aukam property is located. Held at the Bird’s Mansion Conference Center, community residents and officials from the Ministry of Environment voiced no objections to Next Graphite’s Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). As a result, Next Graphite has a preliminary approval pending the final clearance from the Environmental Commissioner to move into its development and exploration stage on its Aukam mining asset.

Next Graphite CEO, Cliff Bream, said:

Our team of geologists and our Country Manager submitted a concise and detailed plan to the ministries of any and all environmental impact. As a result, the general public and representatives in attendance had no objections, concern, or comment on our EIA to commercialize our graphite mine asset. As reported by our Country Manager, Mulife Siyambango, the officials and local residents are eager to learn of our progress at our mine and the benefits that can come to the local economy as a result. We are accelerating our move into the development and exploration stage at a number of identified areas on our property we expect to be rich in natural flake graphite.

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