Next Graphite Confirms High Concentrations of Graphitic Lumps in Initial Tailing Heap Screenings

Next Graphite, Inc. (OTCQB:GPNE) reported preliminary results from bulk sampling of graphite-bearing rock from its eastimated 180,000 ton tailing heaps at its Aukum mine in Namibia. Next Graphite will send sub-sets of the sampling for further tests in order to gain further insight into the preliminary results.

As quoted in the press release:

After screening the sample, Next Graphite’s mining and geology team recovered a total of 1,432 bags of graphitic lumps from one of the four tailing heaps on the Company’s Aukam mine property. The bags weighed a total of 50 tons of graphitic material which its team of geologists visually confirmed high concentrations of graphitic lumps.

Next Graphite CEO, Cliff Bream, said:

While we work to calculate the average lump-to-waste ratios that will quantify the potential of the tailing heaps, we were pleased that our geology team of leading graphite experts from North America and Namibia visually confirmed high concentrations of natural, vein graphite in this initial bulk sample. To adhere to our high standards to validate graphite concentration and purity, sub-sets of this sampling will be sent for further analysis at recognized testing facilities in Namibia and South Africa and then reported back to our shareholders.

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