Flinders Resources Produces High Purity Spherical Graphite With Chinese Partner


Flinders Resources Limited (TSXV:FDR) announced an update on its two key initiatives to produce high purity spherical graphite and graphene to position its 100% owned Woxna graphite mine as a leading supplier to the current and future graphite and graphene industries.

As quoted in the press release:

The first initiative underway is the High Purity Graphite Project (see Flinders’ News Release August 18, 2015), which seeks to value add to its product stream via working with a strategic Chinese technology partner with a well-established design, build and operate capability in high purity graphite production.  The second, the Swedish Graphene Project (“Svenskt Grafen”) (see Flinders’ News Release September 21, 2015), a Swedish-government funded program to research and commercialize the production of graphene from Swedish-sourced Woxna graphite.

The second initiative is the Swedish Graphene Project, which falls under the EU Graphene Flagship Project, a ten-year, €1 billion (US$1.1B) project to research graphene commercialization. The project is investigating Woxna’s Swedish flake graphite, and its suitability to produce graphene on an industrial scale.  The project is progressing well and it is anticipated that further updates will be provided in the coming months.  Woxna, as one of Europe’s two graphite mines, and Sweden’s only graphite producer, can supply domestically sourced natural flake graphite which provides a clear strategic advantage for Sweden.

Flinders Resources President and CEO, Blair Way, stated:

The past 12 months has been a challenging time in the resource sector and the graphite market has not been immune. Low graphite demand for the last 6 months has lead to deflated prices.  Nevertheless, with a tight control on our costs and a focus on value adding strategies, our initiatives provide cost effective means to grow our business and provide shareholders with a realistic vision for the future. With a production-ready, fully permitted graphite mine and processing facility, Flinders continues to maintain its position as the only graphite producer in the junior space that is positioned to react quickly to the anticipated increases in demand.

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