Alabama’s Coosa Project Yields 25- and 28-percent Large-flake Graphite

Alabama Graphite Corp. (TSXV:ALP,OTCQB:ABGPF) announced that SGS Canada Inc. has provided it with initial metallurgical scoping-level evaluation of graphite composites from its Alabama-based Coosa project.

As quoted in the press release:

Results from two drill core samples taken from the drill grid area and the northern fence yielded mass recoveries of 25% and 28% into the large (coarse) flake size category of greater than +80 mesh. In addition, initial simple flotation tests used to produce these initial concentrates had purities up to 93% C(t).  A full process development study including grinding and flotation optimization is expected to yield noticeably higher purities, thus reducing the operating cost of a downstream mining process.

The Company is confident, from the results of this analysis, that as the project is advanced, a concentration of 95%+ C(t) purity will be achievable by means of simple flotation only without the use of environmentally damaging chemical processes.

Dr. Douglas Oliver, vice president of exploration at Alabama, commented:

We are pleased to have the samples respond so favorably to the simple, flotation process. As a first attempt at comprehensive metallurgy, getting both this proportion of coarse flakes and the purity levels are notable achievements.  We see this as another incremental step in moving us closer to production.

Click here to read the full Alabama Graphite Corp. (TSXV:ALP,OTCQB:ABGPF) press release.

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