Weekend Unlimited

Acquiring Undervalued Cannabis Brands in the US and Canada

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Weekend Unlimited (CSE:POT, FSE:0OS1) is capitalizing on its vast industry relationships to establish a lifestyle brand featuring premium products and delivering life’s highest moments.

The development of Weekend Unlimited’s lifestyle brand is led by a team of business and cannabis industry leaders with an unparalleled track record.

Weekend Unlimited aggregates and scales its small to medium brands, primarily in the categories of flower, extracts and edibles. Its brands have best of class operations, distribution and strong revenue trajectories, making them ideal candidates for the deployment of capital and expertise through access to technologies, infrastructure and centralized systems.

Weekend Unlimited is deploying Big Agriculture expertise to design and operate scalable operations on the West Coast of North America, beginning in Washington State, California and British Columbia

The company’s brands are located strategically to benefit from low power costs and economies of scale so that its technologies can be effectively utilized in a streamlined fashion to produce and deliver premium products.

Weekend Unlimited identifies undervalued brand assets with excellent operations, profile, leadership and distribution. Deploying capital to scale its brands, Weekend Unlimited optimizes the product offerings and leverages extensive combined distribution throughout the legal states.

With the cannabis industry approaching massive consolidation period as it matures, Weekend Unlimited envisions Washington State as an incubator, where the company’s brand family will be aggregated, optimized and tailored for expansion into multiple states including California and Massachusetts as well as into Canada and internationally in Jamaica.

Company Highlights

  • Weekend Unlimited’s formula – identify and aggregate great brands that are undervalued, deliver capital and expertise, grow and expand with a focus on North America overall.
  • Dedicated to building a top of mind lifestyle brand for its cannabis and ancillary brand family
  • Jerome Baker Designs, a Weekend Unlimited Brand, is a 3 X High Times Cannabis Cup winner, with worldwide recognition and existing revenues.
  • Growing brand portfolio through the acquisition of R&D Pharma in Jamaica, Verve Beverages, Canna Candys and Canna Medibles.
  • Orchard Heights Growers property in Washington state is currently generating revenue.
  • Northern Lights property in northern British Columbia will be scaled up to 640 acres to grow organic hemp.

Brand Portfolio

Canna Candys and Canna Medibles

Weekend Unlimited also announced an agreement to acquire equity interests in the Canna Candys and Canna Medibles brands, adding an edibles component to their brand portfolio.

Canna Candys are primarily CBD products and Canna Medibles are THC products. Together, they have access to 380 retail stores in Southern California, and a projected channel revenue of US$2 million for 2019. The company is also developing new gummy, beverage and edible products and is negotiating CBD-product distribution deals in the states of New York, Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina, Texas and California.

“The acquisition of Canna Candys and Canna Medibles will provide Weekend with strong products within each of the categories we are focused upon, flower, extracts and edibles,” said Corrubia. “Canna Candys are a CBD product while Canna Medibles are a THC product. The operations team is experienced, having built distribution in Southern California to 380 retail stores.”

Orchard Heights Growers

Weekend Unlimited’s Orchard Heights property sits on seven acres of I-502 zoned land in eastern Washington State and is currently generating revenue. The facilities support indoor cultivation and processing. The company is developing a state-of-the-art, efficient cannabis greenhouse that will optimize mixed light and have full climate control.

Weekend Unlimited provides land leases to each licensee, along with equipment and supplies needed to be successful in the market. With the additional Tier 3 licenses acquired, the property will host 90,000 square feet of canopy growth space and will make it one of the largest operations in the state.

The Orchard Heights property’s current tenant conducted its first four days of harvest at the start of November 2018. During this time, the company harvested 4,000 pounds of bulk raw cannabis material from 10,000 square feet of canopy. The harvested material should produce over 50,000 grams of premium concentrate and 250,000 pre-rolls. Using market prices of $10 per gram for live resin concentrate and $2 per gram for rolls, the company expects to generate US$500,000 in revenue with this initial harvest.

Verve Beverages

Weekend Unlimited has signed a letter of intent to acquire Verve Beverage Company, the owner of the well-known Verve Energy and Champ Energy brands. As a brand, Verve Energy has a unique position in the beverage market. It is a physician-formulated product that has been clinically studied. Over seven years, the company has made over $230 million in sales to consumers and is positioned for retail distribution roll out.

Champ Energy is a brand of functional beverages nano-infused with CBD and MTC oil designed to have optimum bioavailability. As a healthy beverage, it is also infused with over 78 electrolytes, minerals and glyconutrients. It is the official energy drink of the NHL’s San Jose Sharks.

“Through this acquisition, Weekend Unlimited will add the strength of a very popular brand in Verve Energy, that was undervalued due to its direct sales history, but has a tremendous following due to its quality and effectiveness,” said Corrubia.  “We have the opportunity to re-position the Verve brand and build it out in North American with an existing base of support. Verve Beverage Company has a high-profile position as an official partner of the NHL’s San Jose Sharks.”

Jamaica R&D Pharma

In November 2018, Weekend Unlimited announced a binding letter of intent for the acquisition of R&D Pharma in Jamaica, one of three Tier-3 license holders in the island nation. R&D Pharma is a Canadian company currently building a vertically-integrated model in Jamaica. Their Tier-3 cultivator’s license allows for the cultivation of cannabis plants on land of over five acres.

As R&D Pharma is working towards being an exporter of full spectrum extracts, infused products and recognized strains, the acquisition gives Weekend Unlimited access to a growing international market place.

“This acquisition in Jamaica represents a significant step for Weekend Unlimited as it implements its strategy to be a top tier integrated cannabis company,” said Cody Corrubia, Weekend Unlimited’s president and CEO. “By adding R&D to our brand portfolio, we secure a highly coveted asset for cultivation in a low cost, high quality environment like Jamaica, which has international appeal in the cannabis space, with unparalleled lifestyle applications.”

Northern Lights Organic Farm

Northern Lights Organic is a 640-acre certified organic cannabis farm in St. James, British Columbia. As St. James gets on average 18 hours of sunlight during the summer, it has the potential to provide an ideal growing climate for organic hemp.

Weekend Unlimited plans to become Canada’s first high CBD focused hemp farm that will be grown from certified organic soils. The company will be dedicating 120 acres of the property to outdoor growing and is slating an additional 10 acres to host indoor greenhouse measuring 68,000 square feet, which will also be equipped for cultivation and processing.

The property was reviewed by the Pacific Agricultural Certification Society (PACS) and was qualified as “third-year transitional stage to Organic Certification.” Following further inspections, the company anticipates that the property will be certified under the Canadian Federal Organic Regime, which will categorize all hemp produced on the property as ‘certified organic’.

Currently, the property is awaiting approval of the ACMPR license, which should be granted within the year. Weekend Unlimited is continuing to forge strong, long-term relationships with the surrounding communities, including First Nations. The company will be a key source of jobs for the community, helping to stimulate economic growth in the area.

Jerome Baker Designs

Since 1991, Jerome Baker Designs has been at the forefront of design and creativity in the glass and canna industries. This 3 X High Times Cannabis Cup winner has offices in Las Vegas, New York and Maui, Jerome Baker Designs creates custom glass artwork.

As a Weekend Unlimited brand, Jerome Baker Designs will develop and present high-profile live experiences and custom blown glass pieces. This will include the development of innovative consumer products to be distributed at retail, online and through special events. Brand activation highlights include:

  • Co-sponsorship of events co-branding high profile product launches to be heavily covered through social, digital and mainstream media;
  • Production of media properties, including films and documentaries;
  • Development of mind-blowing experiences for consumer and industry engagement;
  • Creation of one of a kind glass art and paraphernalia for distribution to key retailers and display at galleries;
  • Development and distribution co-branded products through legal retail operations in North America.


Chris Backus — Interim President and CEO

Chris Backus, who was appointed to Weekend’s Board in March 2019, is a former Senior Officer and Manager with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). In that capacity Mr. Backus developed an advanced understanding of the cannabis industry leading up to recreational legalization in Canada. Specifically, Chris has specialized experience and knowledge of the cannabis industry as it pertains to the areas of cultivation, production, retail operations and regulatory frameworks. As Weekend identifies new opportunities for growth in rapidly changing legal environments in both Canada and the United States, the Company will strive to lead the industry in establishing the highest standards and best practices.

In addition, Mr. Backus holds a Master’s degree from Royal Roads University specializing in strategic communications and interest-based negotiations. Mr. Backus has worked internationally with the United Nations as a strategic advisor to peace keeping operations and negotiations in Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast, West Africa). Mr. Backus has also served as a business and leadership consultant in the fields of venture capital, technology, law enforcement, retail and real estate development.

Jason Harris — Owner of Jerome Baker Designs & Lead Consultant for Retail and Industry

Jason Harris is the owner of the world-renowned Jerome Baker Designs. Since 1991, Jerome Baker Designs has been at the forefront of design and creativity in custom blown glass, apparel and art and has design studies in Las Vegas and Maui. Jerome Baker designs is a pioneer in custom glass artwork with a vast industry network that represents national and international leading producers, retailers and manufacturers with a substantial public following.

Grant Guelich — Commercial Cannabis Farmer & Lead Consultant for Washington State Facilities

Grant Guelich has a Bachelor of Science in Crop Science and Sustainable Agriculture from the University of Washington. Guelich’s is an expert in genetics and tissue culture research. He has served as an agronomist for large commercial orchard operations, including Dovex Fruit Company, where he was in charge of providing integrated pest management, research and crop management.

Kevin Ernst — Director

Mr. Ernst brings more than 29 years of experience, including senior positions at industry-leading organizations (Merrill Lynch, UBS, American Stock Exchange(AMEX) and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Over the course of two decades, he has developed an extensive network of family offices, private equity and ultra-high net worth individuals in both North America and Asia where he advised and raised public and private capital with an aggregate in excess of $1 billion.

During his nine-year tenure as Managing Director for the NYSE and AMEX, he successfully led the new listings for some 150 issuers and IPO’s. Prior to joining the NYSE and AMEX, he was a Senior Vice President in Merrill Lynch’s Wealth Management Group, where he spent 12 years. He received both his Bachelor’s and MBA in Finance degrees from Rutgers University.

Brian Keane — Director

Brian D. Keane, J.D., B Sc, Director, has over 20 years of capital markets, investing and C-level consulting experience with 100+ emerging growth companies in the USA, Canada, Caribbean and Asia, transacting over $2.5 billion in investment value. He currently serves as Director at 360 Blockchain Inc. CSE:CODE, is President of Qualified Capital Consultants, Founder of 420 Syndicate, LLC, Consultant to Stadnyk and Partners Family Office, and Advisor to Proactive Investors UK Limited.  Most recently, He served as Director at 1933 Industries Inc. CSE:TGIF, and was Iterim CEO at Callitas Health Inc. CSE:LILY. Previously, Brian had roles at Merriman Capital, Andrews Securities/Keating Capital, Four Springs Capital, Deutsche Bank, Rodman and Renshaw/Ladenburg Thalmann & Co/Techvest, and YA Global. He began his career at NDB Capital Group’s (NYSE:NDB) Equity Trading Desk and has held Licenses Series 7, 63,55,79. He earned a JD from New York Law School and a B Sc. from the University of Scranton.

Christopher Backus — Director

Chris Backus comes to Weekend Unlimited as a former Senior Officer and Manager with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Chris achieved a master’s degree in conflict management and interest-based negotiations from Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia. Mr. Backus has worked internationally with the United Nations as a strategic advisor to peacekeeping operations and negotiations in Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast, West Africa). In these and additional roles he has worked extensively in the specific areas of strategic communications and negotiations in the fields of law enforcement, healthcare, technology, retail sales, real estate, and venture capital work environments.

Michael Hopkinson — CFO

Michael Hopkinson is a US Certified Public Accountant.

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