Grid Metals

Focused on High-Value Palladium Deposits in Canada



Grid Metals Corp (TSXV:GRDM) is a Canadian exploration company  with key projects in Ontario and Manitoba. Grid Metals Corp is currently focused on the East Bull Lake palladium property located 80 km west  of Sudbury, Ontario.  Grid is targeting palladium dominant mineralization at East Bull. Infrastructure at East Bull is excellent as it road accessible off the TransCanada Highway. Sudbury is a world class mining hub for mining and smelting of nickelcopper and platinum-group metals (PGM).

Grid Metals first acquired and  began exploring the East Bull Lake property in 1998. The property covers the ~22km x ~4km layered East Bull Lake Intrusion.  At East Bull significant exploration   was undertaken   between 1998 and 2002 and 2008 and 2012  including airborne surveys, geological mapping and sampling and drilling. Overall highly anomalous palladium- platinum (PGM) values are present across the property. With the increase in the price of palladium  due to its globally strategic use in autocatalysts for emissions reduction  Grid has resumed its exploration focus at East Bull.   The Company is now focusing on a new geological model for deposit formation based on feeder zones associated with the major structures (faults)  which may serve as traps for palladium bearing sulfides to   accumulate.  The Company  recently added Dr. Dave Peck ( former VP Exploration of North American Palladium ) to lead business development and  exploration.

Grid Metals Corp also owns the mineral rights to the pre-feasibility stage Makwa-Mayville Ni-Cu-PGE-Cobalt project located near Winnipeg, Manitoba. The project consists of two  NI 43-101 open pit  resources, the nickel-dominant Makwa deposit and the copper-dominant Mayville property located  only 40 kilometers away. A NI 43-101 compliant preliminary economic assessment (PEA) was completed on the property in April 2014 outlining the economics   for a blast and haul operation with ore from the two deposits   processed  at the Mayville site in order to produce both copper concentrate and nickel concentrate.

Grid Metals’ Company Highlights

  • Grid is one of the few juniors with significant commodity exposure to both nickel and palladium which are crucial metals for the automotive industry.
  • Focused on the 100-percent owned* East Bull Lake  Palladium  property located in Sudbury, Ontario ( *subject to underlying Net Smelter Royalties).
  • A  2020 a geophysical survey covering a significant part of the property has generated new drill targets.
  • Exploration team led by Dave Peck, former VP of Exploration with North American Palladium who previously led nickel exploration globally for Anglo American Exploration group.
  • Development-stage Makwa-Mayville project provides exposure to nickel, copper, and PGMs with over $2.5 billion in  in situ resources according to a 2014 PEA.
  • Makwa-Mayville project  includes two open pit resources,  the nickel-dominant Makwa deposit  and the copper-dominant Mayville deposit.