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Enterprise Group (TSX:E)

Enterprise Group

Growing Revenue by Serving Canada’s Infrastructure Industries


Enterprise Group Inc (TSX:E) is a specialized equipment rental company that provides rentals and services to the energy, utility, pipeline and transportation infrastructure industries. With an established footprint in Western Canada, particularly in Alberta and Northeastern British Columbia, Enterprise Group has grown its business by actively acquiring ‘best-in-class’ companies including Artic Therm International, Hart Oilfield Rentals and Westar Oilfield Rentals. Leading these business units, Enterprise Group has over $80 million in assets and equipment required by the various industries they serve.

Providing access to specialized, high-end technology at premium rates, Enterprise’s rental services include highly advanced heating and cooling units and full-service, modular oilfield site surface infrastructure. In offering rental services, the company can increase its profit margins and reduce its overhead, producing revenue values of $37.7 million in fiscal 2017.

Company Highlights

  • Established position within various industries as a provider of rental equipment and services in Alberta and British Columbia
  • On-track to being debt-free with upcoming sale of Calgary Tunneling & Horizontal Augering division for $21 million
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