3 Top Rare Earth Stocks on the ASX

- September 13th, 2018

Read on to learn more about the three top rare earth stocks on the ASX by market cap and what they’ve been up to this year.

It’s been an exciting year for the rare earth sector with record-setting demand helping to increase production, especially in jurisdictions outside of China.

One of the key metals used in permanent magnets are rare earths, which have widespread application potential, and despite their name, are relatively abundant to mine for.

Earlier this year, US President Trump added rare earths, specifically the ones used in permanent magnets produced in China, to a list of items and materials that were prohibited to the US, deeming the materials could compromise national security.

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The move by the US government was considered the biggest development in the rare earths space in nearly a decade. The announcement also opened up the door to rare earth explorers, developers and producers outside of China.

Below we’ve outlined the three ASX-listed rare earth stocks that have seen the biggest gains year-to-date. Read on to learn more about these companies and what they’ve been up to this year. Data for this article was gathered on TradingView on September 12, 2018.

1. Lynas (ASX:LYC)

Current price: AU$1.835; market cap: AU$1.25 billion

Lynas is the largest rare earth developer in Australia with a market cap of AU$1.25 billion. Focused on integrated delivery, Lynas is a miner and supplier of high-grade rare earths. According to the company, its Mt Weld project in Western Australia is one of the highest grade rare earth mines in the world.

In 2011, Lynas commissioned its Mt Weld concentration plant located just under 2 km from the Mt Weld mine. Subsequently, in 2014, the critical metal miner established the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP), an integrated manufacturing facility near the Port of ​Kuantan in Malaysia. LAMP was designed for the separating and processing of rare earth materials.

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2. Alkane Resources (ASX:ALK)

Current price: AU$0.21; market cap: AU$106.28 million

Diversified explorer and miner Alkane Resources has a variety of ongoing projects targeting a variety of metals and materials, including: zirconium, hafnium, niobium, rare earth elements, gold and copper. Alkane’s projects and operations are located in Central Western New South Wales.

The multifaceted miner has been focused on developing its Dubbo project, where a large in-ground resource of zirconium, hafnium, niobium and rare earth elements is located. The company has slated construction at the site for 2018-2019. Alkane estimates the Dubbo project could generate AU$4.7 billion in free cash flow over 20 years.

3. Peak Resources (ASX:PEK)

Current price: AU$0.033; market cap: AU$27.17 million

International rare earth explorer Peak Resources is engaged in developing the Ngualla project in Tanzania, where it plans to mine for the rare earths, neodymium and praseodymium. Peak is also establishing a rare earth refinery in the UK. The company strategically chose the Tees Valley for what it describes as a its plug and play location.

Tees Valley is ideally located in proximity to, accessible global shipping, cheap and reliable bulk reagent supplies (particularly hydrochloric acid and caustic soda), a skilled labour force, readily available power, water and environmentally sustainable options to dispose of tailings.

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Securities Disclosure: I, Georgia Williams, hold no direct investment interest in any company mentioned in this article.

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