North American potash inventories rose in OCT

November 23, 2009 | World’s largest producer of the crop nutrient, Potash Corp, reported that North American producer inventories rose 165,000 tonnes in October, reversing a three-month long downward trend in inventory levels.
The news release is quoted as saying:
Potash inventories had risen steadily through the first-half of 2009, despite major production cuts, as farmers  … Read More

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An End in Sight for Chinese Dominance over Rare Earths

January 17, 2011 | Companies are looking to develop electric motors with a reduced percentage of rare earth oxides, after a turbulent market sparked by Chinese trading policy destabilized the market and influenced prices. Also the massive investments in new rare earth mines worldwide will provide non-Chinese REE’s to fill in supply gaps.  … Read More

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