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Willem Middelkoop Likes Gold, but Prefers Silver

Mineweb reported that while Willem Middelkoop, whose credentials include being a precious metals fund manager and analyst, is bullish on gold, he’s even more optimistic about silver. Middelkoop recently outlined his views in a presentation at the London-based Global Mining Finance conference.

Standard Bank Remains Bearish on Silver for 2013

In its latest quarterly report, Standard Bank states that it remains bearish on silver, noting that it believes the white metal will still trade below $20 per ounce for “short bouts” this year. The firm also maintains that silver’s “underlying demand/supply fundamentals remain weak and that inventory is abundant.”

Ian Gordon: Who Killed the Gold Price?

The gold price may have taken a tumble, but Ian Gordon, chairman and founder of the Longwave Group in British Columbia, is watching for a recovery. As bullishness in gold reaches some of its lowest levels, Gordon, in this interview with The Gold Report says he believes that is indicative

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