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Gold Mining in Eastern Europe

Resource companies are becoming increasingly interested in mining opportunities across Eastern Europe as countries look to emerge from political turmoil and use the mining industry to jump-start their economies.

3 Lithium Juniors in Nevada Up Over 200 Percent Year-to-Date

Lithium Corporation and Pure Energy Minerals have climbed around 600 percent this year, while Western Lithium has seen its share price gain a whopping 240 percent. To be sure, these lithium juniors picked the right state to build mines in, especially with this month’s announcement that Tesla will be building

Natural Gas in Europe

Europe buys one-quarter of its natural gas from Russia and will remain dependent on that supply for the foreseeable future. However, that’s not to say no natural gas companies are operating in Europe.

The New James Bay Gold Belt

In 2003, Virginia Mines announced that it had discovered the Eleonore gold deposit in the James Bay region of Quebec. Today, the area is known as the New James Bay Gold Belt, a highly prospective region that has enticed other companies to begin mineral exploration programs nearby.

Chile Takes First Step in Prioritizing Lithium

Li3 Energy’s CEO, Luis Saenz, comments on the recent news that Chilean President Michelle Bachelet has signed a decree to establish a National Lithium Commission committed to opening up Chile’s abundant lithium resources for exploitation.

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