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Lithium Prices 2012

With as many as ninety different varieties of lithium and no international exchange, it is difficult to arrive at a standard lithium price; however, lithium industry insiders were able to provide Lithium Investing News with market context and current figures.

Military Applications Could Increase Lithium Demand

A new lithium battery system suitable for military vehicles, introduced by A123 Systems, has the potential to provide military vehicles with a lighter, more durable system for starting engines and enhancing stealth. With an already large fleet of 6T batteries, the use of lithium in Military 6T Batteries could spike

Liotech: Large Lithium Battery Plant Opens in Russia

The large manufacturing facility referred to as Liotech is expected to produce up to 500,000 lithium batteries per year. The the expectation is for the plant to produce lithium batteries to supply electric vehicles and larger bus batteries, in addition to a variety of energy storage applications, and emergency power

Lithium Battery Technology

The challenge for investors to analyze the battery technology research and development field in order to gauge a future outlook can appear just as daunting as it is for consumers to make optimal choices for current electrical storage requirements.

International Lithium Awareness Month

More than four decades following the conception of Earth Day, international interest in alternative energy sources has become a strong focus of social, political and commercial enterprise. It is not just a matter of coincidence that a significant number of electric vehicle and lithium battery technology conferences have been scheduled

New US Lithium Battery Legislation

Bloomberg reports that the US House of Representatives has approved legislation that prevents Obama administration from enacting a proposed rule that treats batteries shipped or packed into laptop computers, cellular phones and digital cameras as hazardous materials.

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