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Is gold a good investment?

Our FREE gold price forecast delivers the expert opinions you can trust

Dear Gold Investor,

Some people will tell you that only crazy conspiracy theorists buy gold.

Don’t listen to them.

I’m always suspicious of other investors who try to steer me away from something with that kind of talk. You don’t have to insult me to give me advice! What I want is cold, hard data and objective guidance.

Because you’re here at Gold Investing News, you clearly share that attitude with me. So allow me to share with you my secret weapon for gold investing: A completely FREE, yet expert, crystal clear, straightforward answer to your critical question: Is gold a good investment?

That secret weapon is GIN’s Gold Prices In 2017, and you can get it immediately, FREE, right here. Download it now!

Of course, you could spend hours clicking around the Internet looking for information on your own. But do you have the time for that? Do you know who to trust, and which information is reliable?

Fortunately, Gold Investing News has already done the legwork. We know which forecasts to trust. And we’ve put it all together here in one concise report for you to read now — and keep on hand throughout the year as you consider buying or selling.

This FREE Special Report, Gold Prices In 2017, is designed to help you …

  • Educate yourself on the overall prospects for gold investing in the coming year
  • Consider insights that even many veteran gold investors don’t know about
  • Understand the thinking of the world’s most knowledgeable gold investing experts
  • Evaluate the experts’ opinions and forecasts for yourself before making any moves
  • Gain expertise in precious metal investing
  • Confidently make buying and selling decisions all year long, whenever you choose to act
  • Safeguard your wealth in one of the world’s oldest store of value

How much would you pay for all of that? How about a cost of absolutely zero, zilch, nada?

Of course, after first asking, “Is gold a good investment?” your next question might be what are Gold Investing News’ credentials …

Why you should read Gold Prices In 2017

Gold Investing News is part of Investing News Network, a growing network of authoritative publications delivering independent, unbiased news and education for investors. We deliver knowledgeable, carefully curated coverage of a variety of markets including gold, silver, copper and many others. This means you read nothing but the best from the entire world of investing advice, and never have to waste your valuable time doing hours, days or weeks of research yourself.

At the same time, not a single word of the content we choose for you is paid for by any company of investment advisor: We choose our content based solely on its informational and educational value to you, the investor.

I’m sure you can see the value of such investing intelligence. And of course it’s exactly the same kind of information we’ve poured into this FREE Special Report, Gold Prices In 2017. This 10-page report takes a detailed look at the prospects for gold prices for the next 12 months — and beyond.

So if you’re considering diversifying your portfolio as a hedge against currency instability — against political instability around the world …

If you’re just beginning your investing efforts and have heard gold might be a good place to start …

Even if you already own gold but want to buy more, or find out where the price of gold per ounce is headed …

This is the place to start. Right now.

After all, considering the instability of the world today, any investor worth his salt and eyeing retirement in the not-too-distant future would want an investment that holds its relative value as gold does. If that describes you — if you’re the kind of person who believes in taking charge of his own financial wellbeing, and that of his loved ones, even in an uncertain world — if you don’t want to rely on governments and their so-called “experts” to provide for your future — then you shouldn’t wait to start reading this Special Report.

Gold Price Today and Future Gold Price Predictions: What you can learn

Are you worried about China and the U.S. debt? Middle East turmoil and its inevitable effect on the price — and value — of oil and everything it touches? The rise of the BRIC economies to challenge the U.S.? Or, for that matter, the possibility that Russia’s recent economic woes might be just as harmful to your other investments as its earlier strong performances were?

You may be surprised by some of the insights in Gold Price Today and Future Gold Price Predictions.

  • For example, it’s important to keep an eye on capital markets when considering gold. That’s because when markets tighten up, funding for gold-related projects dries up, leading to lower prices as the supply shrinks.
  • Continued quantitative easing globally is critical to keeping the price of gold headed upward.
  • The U.S. Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates in the third quarter, which will cause gold prices to decline.

Naturally, different experts have different forecasts. But when you’re trying to decide whether to buy, sell or hold gold, you don’t want to rely on just one or two expert opinions — or on the opinions of people you can’t trust. That’s why our painstakingly curated Special Report is so valuable to savvy investors like you.

Most importantly, we have access to experts that no individual investor has, and we deliver their insights directly to you in this Special Report. You’d probably pay well for the kind of advice you’ll find in Gold Prices In 2017 — but remember, it’s FREE!

When you read this report, for instance, you’ll discover …

  • What the CEO of Colombian Mines (TSXV:CMJ) thinks will happen to smaller gold companies in the first half of the year
  • The forecast from venerable bullion brokers Sharps Pixley for gold bars in 2017, and which factors will drive the investors who will fulfill that prediction
  • The possibility of “capitulation” in gold according to Rick Rule of Sprott Global, the U.S.’s pre-eminent junior resource-focused investing firm

This is clearly a Special Report that no gold investor can afford to overlook. And at this price — $0.00 — it’s certainly affordable!

It’s time to stop reading this letter and start reading our Gold Price Today and Future Gold Price Predictions!

So what are you waiting for? You can’t diversify your portfolio, build wealth and ensure your family’s wellbeing in an uncertain world by doing nothing.

Remember, it costs you nothing to read this Special Report, and it could make or break your investment in the yellow metal this year. We’re pleased to be able to make it available to you at no cost, and hope you’ll take advantage of the expertise it delivers.

After all, there are no guarantees in life or investing, but gold has long been one of the closest things to it. Millions of other investors have already taken steps to secure their futures and sleep soundly at night — why would you wait any longer to get started yourself?

So I urge you to sit down today and carefully read Gold Prices In 2017. Keep an open mind, give its insights careful thought and take your time in making any decisions. Remember, this FREE Special Report is yours to keep, so you can refer back to it at any time to guide your future moves.

Thank you for hearing me out on this Special Report, and for your interest in Gold Investing Network. And join me soon as a confident gold investor!

Yours for financial self-reliance,

Nick Smith
Publisher & CEO
Investing News Network

PS: Did I mention that this Special Report also includes numerous links to additional insight — information you might never find on your own? This is the kind of guidance that’s a deal at any price — but especially when it’s FREE. Download it today!

PSS: Here at Gold Investing Network, we have no hidden, vested interest in getting you to invest in gold. We simply believe investors like you deserve the best professional guidance available, and we just happen to deliver it for free in this Special Report. Read it now!

*Your free Gold Investor Kits include:

  • Newrange Gold
  • Otis Gold
  • Asante Gold Corporation
  • Gainey Capital Corp.
  • Algold Resources Ltd.
  • Komet Resources
  • Atico Mining
  • Black Dragon Gold
  • Comstock Metals
  • Centenera Mining
  • NorthIsle Copper and Gold
  • Fortune Minerals
  • CMX Gold & Silver Corp
  • Margaux Resources
  • Knick Exploration
  • Exeter Resource
  • Carube Copper Corp.
  • Wayne H.

    How can people’s view differ so much on Golds future price .?

  • John S.

    I am looking for gold to break it resistance of $1260/oz. and up and then having a balance of exploration, mine development and current producing companies. Considering the time we live in and debt bubble we carry things will look very good for us investors big and small. Who created gold? You know! It is real money that is meant to be a fair store of value. Who are those that created paper fiat money? “The bankers” and the minds behind it that want to control the “life blood” of mankind. It is an unfair and unjust method of economic distribution. I feel deep down that judgment day is coming. Be patient because for a season there will be a reversal of fortunes. Those of the bankers I believe know that and they use the system to buy low and hoard but they have a judgment day too…gold and silver will help the common man for a time but a day is coming when a cashless society will come by and through an evil power that will destroy even the bankers…they will weep and wail only to throw their gold and silver in the streets…they will have an opposite reversal of fortunes…it will be too late…the KING is coming so look up and know that Truth will win. Most of you know exactly what I am talking about. Stay encouraged…gold and silver is NOT evil but those who try to control it are!!!!


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