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Dear Investor,

With the world’s growing demand for electric vehicles, Tesla’s gigafactory increasing production and increasing annual sales of laptops, cellphones and tablets running on lithium batteries, an investor can’t help but wonder: “Where is the lithium market headed?”

More importantly, how can you, as an investor, stay up to date with the latest in lithium news?

Here’s one way.

Lithium Investing News has written an in-depth, guide to understanding the lithium market specifically to help new and seasoned investors alike to keep you up to date with the rapidly changing lithium market.

You can download your free copy by filling in this form:

Our Investor’s Report, Lithium Forecast & Lithium Stocks To Buy, is designed to…

  • Educate investors on the current state of the lithium market
  • Evaluate the insights of lithium experts around the world
  • Understand the factors that are driving lithium supply anddemand – in 2016 and in the future
  • Focus on the lithium exploration companies like Western Lithium, SQM, and many more
  • Gain expertise in current lithium production around the world
  • Confidently make buying and selling decisions at any time
  • Profit from the coming acceleration in lithium demand

In Lithium Forecast & Lithium Stocks To Buy, you’ll also find interviews with five of the world’s most renowned lithium experts every lithium investor must follow.

Each of these experts presents their outlook on the lithium market and what factors will lead to success among the companies vying to come out on top.

Also, in this report, you’ll see what the lithium market has been like Albemarle gained control of Rockwood Lithium.

Post Rockwood-Lithium, it seems there’s another major producer with limited exposure to lithium, and investors who are truly interested in the mineral may need to look elsewhere.

That’s why Lithium Forecast & Lithium Stocks To Buy looks at some of the lithium junior companies around the world. Discover:

  • which company has been in talks with Korean Steelmaker POSCO regarding the use of its proprietary lithium extraction process
  • or which company got the go ahead from the Quebec government; and is now looking to raise approximately $500 million to build a mine
  • or which company became the second to sign a lithium supply agreement with Tesla

We hope this report serves you well.

Yours for profitable energy storage investing,

Nick Smith
Publisher & CEO
Investing News Network

“Lithium Investing News is part of Investing News Network, the fast-growing network of authoritative publications delivering independent, unbiased news and education for investors.

Our readers get the benefit of knowledgeable, carefully curated coverage of a variety of markets including lithium, gold, copper and many others. At Lithium Investing News, we have no vested interest in getting you to invest in lithium. We believe investors deserve the full-picture understanding of market opportunities and in providing the very best in professional guidance.”

*Your free Lithium Investor Kits include:

  • Nemaska Lithium
  • MGX Minerals
  • Lithium Australia
  • Critical Elements Corporation
  • Cypress Development
  • Wealth Minerals
  • Millennial Lithium
  • Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp.
  • ABcann Global
  • John K.

    Why did you omit the largest ? …Bacanora ( BCN ) / Rare Earth Minerals ( REM, REMMY )

  • Julio F.

    very interested in buying progress oriented lithium stocks

  • All this t do about where the next lithum strike will be. ..if people would just look in whirl wind valley ( just west of Beowawe, NV ). All the geologic features normally present at the a lithium strike is there: 1. The volcano is there 2. The geothermals are there ( active and inactive ) 3. The faults form a natural basin. Oh and like Smokey Valley, the presence of an artesian well. If anyone is interested, please contact me at the email address listed. Thanks

  • It would be interesting to get a list of Juniors with drilling permits and water rights permits in Nevada… since no one is going to be doing any mining without those.

  • Is Albermarle a safe bet for investing in now, or or best to wait a while. I am a first time investor.

    • Hope you did. It is the best of breed and has produced great growth.

  • William B.

    Why is there no mention of Oroplata in the list of small companies. Is it not considered to have a reasonable chance of success?

  • Thank You very much for this valuable source. I have my homework for a while!!


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