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Dear Investor,

Did you know critical metals play an important role in the tech products we use everyday?

It’s true. In fact, there are plenty of critical metal investment opportunities throughout the tech supply chain – most investors never even thought of until they become mainstream news.

The challenge for an investor is there are so many topics when considering critical metals. It can be challenging to know where to start and where to safely invest.

Our INN Investor’s Report, Investing in Today’s Critical Metals – Context for Lynas News and Molycorp New, is designed to…

  • Educate investors on where critical metals come from and what opportunities exist
  • Consider Lynas news and Molycorp news from a knowledgeable perspective
  • Understand the tungsten uses and manganese uses that drive the market for these metals
  • Evaluate Orbite Aluminae and the other companies coming on stream with critical metals
  • Gain expertise in seeing the underlying investment opportunities
  • Confidently make investing decisions all year long, whenever you choose to act

We’re pleased to be able to make this exclusive report available to you – absolutely free.

We hope you benefit from this greatly.

To our collective success,

Nick Smith
Publisher & CEO
Investing News Network

“Critical Metals Investing News is part of the Investing News Network, a growing network of authoritative publications delivering independent, unbiased news and education for investors. We deliver knowledgeable, carefully curated coverage of a variety of markets including graphite, tungsten, cobalt, magnesium and more.”

*Your free Critical Metals Investor Kits include:

  • Lomiko Metals
  • Canada Carbon
  • Graphite One Resources
  • Magnis Resources
  • Eagle Graphite Inc.
  • Medallion Resources
  • Cruz Cobalt Corp.
  • LiCo Energy Metals
  • Castle Silver Resources
  • Berkwood Resources

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  • I’ve been a tech investor for years. I just can’t believe I’ve never looked invested critical metals before. This report changes my investment strategy completely. Thank you for the wealth of knowledge all in one place too. Saved me a lot of time.

    • I’ve sent you the report by email. Please let me know if you need anything else.


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