Infographic: Mobile Usage & Mobile Marketing Statistics that You Need to Know in 2017

An overview of the marketing opportunities that can be made by way of mobile apps.

The use of mobile devices has grown at such a rapid rate, it’s become increasingly difficult remembering what life was like before them.

Expanding on that, while just over 10 years ago cell phones were still largely used for the basics–texting and phone calls– they have grown to become much more than that, and businesses in particular have a plethora of opportunities to benefit from mobile marketing.

For instance, the worth of mobile apps is estimated to be roughly $77 billion in 2017, and could potentially grow to $189 billion by 2020. Granted, most of that growth will be attributed to gaming, but there are still plenty of other possibilities available.

According to a report from App Annie, categories outside of gaming that will increase include shopping and transportation apps.

With that in mind, having a mobile presence–particularly for smaller businesses–is becoming increasingly important. In fact, it’s estimated that mobile marketing already accounts for 50 percent of digital expenses, totalling roughly $100 billion.

Below, the infographic from Dot Com Infoway will help investors learn more about mobile uses and the importance of mobile marketing today:

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